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Our Call center CRM software package benefits the decision center through its provision and storage of valuable customer data, increased automation, visible reduction in call center costs and its potential to boost customer service levels thereby increasing productivity and ensuring client satisfaction. This system will be bundeled with our VoIP predictive dialer if you want.

Higher Effiency

It helps in assisting call centers with shorter call durations, reduction in holding time and the decrease of misrouted calls. Since the need for CRM is of extreme importance in the call center spectrum, CRM provides the call center with a complete and accurate image of the customer. CRM enables the appropriate and most productive usage of client information thereby helping to build better relationships with customers.


Professional Customer Care

Our CRM system provides center professional with valuable customer data providing him with a information concerning the shoppers history and before he makes a call. he’s so in an exceedingly position and understand the client preferences providing added data to the sales industry sector. It enables client databases to be kept up to date at all times. Mainly our CRM is of considerable use in follow up actions.

After the initial call all subsequent follow up actions are carried out. CRM enables a centre professionally to look at previous call details once there is a query. Lead management is also attainable as leads can be known and assigned to specified employees. This results in a considerable reduction in lead loss.

100% Web-based Software

Nextcom CRM software package allows call center workers perform their duties easily and with less strain on account of its user friendly attributes. Less coaching is required as well. Our CRM allows call centers to assess their client s requirements and accordingly provide them with what they actually require.

The Best Dialer and CRM Software

We are proud to offer our visitors worldwide, the best VoIP Predictive Dialer solution system available on the market. It’s much more advanced than victimisation an autodialer as a result of it monitors calls made to see however they’re answered.

If the call goes unanswered, is met with a busy signal or answering machine, or reaches a fax machine, the predictive dialer immediately ends the decision. Only calls that are answered by a live person are placed through to an operator. Therefore, productivity is raised as a result of callers don’t ought to listen to unanswered calls or stay up for someone to select up.

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